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Girls Injured in 2014 Florida Parasailing Accident Reach Settlement Agreement

Earlier last year, two seventeen-year-old girls were critically injured in a parasailing accident off the Florida coast. According to a local South Florida news source, the girls just recently reached an agreement with the defendants in the case for an undisclosed confidential amount.

According to news sources at the time of the accident, the two girls were injured when they went to a parasailing outfit owned by Aquatic Adventures Management Group. At the time the girls approached the outfit, the weather was questionable, with heavy clouds just off the coast. However, the operator of the boat determined that the conditions were acceptable and allowed the girls to get up in the air and go parasailing.

While they were up in the air, the rope connecting the girls to the boat snapped, sending them flying out of control and subject to the heavy winds at the time. For the next several minutes, the girls were tossed around. They crashed into a building, got tangled in power lines, and then slammed into the side of a vehicle. The girls were both hospitalized with critical injuries.

After their recovery, both girls were left with serious brain damage that has led to learning disabilities. However, despite the challenge, they have vowed to finish up their educations.

Out-of-Court Settlements and Determining Liability in Florida Accidents

The parasailing outfit entered into a settlement agreement in order to avoid taking the case to trial, where they no doubt would have been exposed to substantial liability had they been found at fault for the accident. These out-of-court settlements are common in Florida personal injury cases, because they take the uncertainty out of the process for both sides.

However, a settlement is not an option in every case. When settlement negations are not fruitful, then the case must go to trial where a judge or jury will render a verdict as to the defendant’s liability. In Florida, the defendant must be found to have acted negligently in order to be found liable for a personal injury.

A defendant’s negligence can be proven in many ways, ranging from eyewitness testimony to video evidence, and even may be based on circumstantial evidence. To learn more about how you may be able to recover for an accident you have been involved in, contact a dedicated South Florida accident attorney.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of Florida accident, you may be entitled to compensation for what you have been put through. Proving a case of negligence in Florida can be a complex matter, however, and consultation with a dedicated Florida accident attorney is recommended. The skilled advocates at Cecere Santana, have over 40 years of collective experience bringing personal injury cases against negligent defendants. Call 800-753-5529 to set up a free initial consultation with a dedicated and experienced attorney at the South Florida personal injury law firm Cecere Santana.

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