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Cecere Santana Now Offers Clients Immigration Services

After years of requests from our current clients, Cecere Santana has added Immigration Law to its roster of services.  

Attorney Carlos E. Sandoval will handle cases relating to family based immigration, removal and deportation defense, business visas and other immigration related matters.

Mr. Sandoval, who is licensed to practice law by the Florida Supreme Court and the Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida, has over eight years of experience handling immigration cases.

As part of our current services we encourage all applicants and employers to have their H-1B petitions ready to be filed by April 1, 2016; which is when the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will start accepting H-1B petitions for fiscal year 2016. Employers and beneficiaries who want to apply for H-1B visas need to do so in a timely manner to ensure that USCIS will consider their applications.

For fiscal year 2016, there is a cap of 65,000 visas and an additional 20,000 visas for persons who have a Master’s degree. Usually, there are a lot more applicants than there are visas available. If within the first five days after April 1st there have been more applicants than visas available, USCIS will reject any further applications, and will conduct a lottery of the applications that were filed during the first five days.

The H-1B visa classification allows a foreign worker to enter the U.S. temporarily for the purpose of performing services in a “specialty occupation” for a U.S. employer.

For questions relating to all immigration matters, please contact our office toll-free at (800) 753-5529. Broward: (954) 653-9969 or Miami-Dade: (305) 259-7100.

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