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Driver in School Bus Crash that Killed Six Arrested on Vehicular Homicide Charges

Earlier this month in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a school bus crash killed six children and injured dozens more. According to a recent news article covering the investigation following the crash, the driver has been arrested and charged with several offenses, including vehicular homicide and reckless driving.

Evidently, the accident occurred after school when the driver should have been taking the children home. However, the location of the accident was not on the driver’s normal route, leaving parents and administrators wondering why the driver changed course. After the collision, the driver exited the bus and called his mother, lamenting the fact that children died in the accident. However, he did not call 911 and report the accident. Investigators told police that the school bus was traveling well above the posted speed limit at the time of the crash.

The Driver Had a Short – and Questionable – Employment History as a Bus Driver

According to the news source, the driver of the school bus had only obtained his commercial driver’s license about seven months before the fatal accident. During that time, there had been several reports made by students and parents complaining about the driver’s dangerous driving habits. Some students felt as though the driver would intentionally make quick, sharp turns to make students fall out of their seats. The school’s principal even filed a report after noticing the high speed at which the driver left the school parking lot. The driver had also filed complaints against the students on the bus, claiming that they would not listen to him and that they would be up and moving around while the bus was in motion.

School Bus Accidents in South Florida

All commercial drivers – especially school bus drivers – have a very important duty to their passengers as well as other motorists on the road. When a driver violates a traffic law or otherwise engages in dangerous behavior while behind the wheel, anyone injured as a result of the driver’s negligent conduct may be entitled to monetary compensation though a Florida personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury cases arising out of car, truck, and bus accidents are common, but no two cases are the exact same, and every case should be treated with special care and attention.

Have You Been Injured in a South Florida Bus or Truck Accident?

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