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Florida Drivers Rank Among the Worst in the Country, Yet Again

Residents of every major city like to claim that their drivers are the worst. Of course, dealing with any commute day in and day out gets tiresome, and inconsiderate or aggressive drivers tend to stand out in commuter’s mind when they make these comments. However, Florida drivers, in many motorist’s minds, are among the worst.

According to a recent news report discussing a study conducted by SmartAsset, in 2018, Florida drivers ranked eighth for the worst drivers in the country. This figure represents a drastic improvement over the 2017 figures, which named Florida drivers as the absolute worst. Nevertheless, the high number of accidents in our state requires knowing a skilled South Florida car accident attorney in the event that you are injured in a collision.

The study took several metrics into account, including the number of DUI citations, the state’s traffic fatality rate, the rate of uninsured drivers, as well as the number of traffic citations issued by police. The following is the data for Florida drivers:

  • A shocking 27% of Florida drivers are uninsured. This represents the highest uninsured-driver rate in the nation.
  • There are nearly 1.5 deaths per 100 million miles driven, making Florida the 7th most dangerous state to drive in. For example, in 2016 there were over 3,200 traffic-related fatalities.
  • Over 2% of Florida drivers have been cited for DUI.

The researchers who conducted the study believe that these figures are due in part to a lack of a convenient and widely used public transit system. This makes the roads more crowded, and thus, more dangerous. Interestingly, southern states had the highest rate of traffic fatalities and the lowest rate of insured drivers.

Recovering after a Florida Car Accident

When a motorist is injured in a Florida car accident, they may be able to recover financial compensation for any injuries they sustained in the accident through a Florida personal injury lawsuit. In order to succeed in a claim against a negligent driver, an accident victim must be able to establish that the other driver violated a duty of care which resulted in the victim’s injuries. This requires proving four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Establishing that a duty exists is usually not difficult, because all motorists owe a duty to those with whom they share the road. The breach and causation elements are often the ones that are contested in most Florida car accident claims. An experienced South Florida personal injury lawyer can help accident victims evaluate and pursue their claim.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Car Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a Florida car accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries you have sustained. The dedicated South Florida personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Cecere Santana have decades of experience representing injury victims in all types of personal injury claims, including Florida car accidents. To learn more, call 800-753-5529 to schedule a free consultation today. Calling is free, and we will not bill you for our services unless we are able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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