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More Information Released Regarding Boating Accident Involving Miami Beach Nightclub Mogul

Authorities have released additional information concerning the March 20, 2015 boating crash that injured Michael Capponi, the 42-year-old man dubbed “the godfather of Miami nightlife,” and his 23-year-old girlfriend. According to a news article published on August 19, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently released a supplemental report detailing the incident. The report noted that the accident was caused by Mr. Capponi passing out and losing consciousness while at the controls of the boat, which resulted in his 25-foot Chris Craft speedboat making a sharp turn and crashing into a sea wall, injuring both occupants. The newly released information in the Commission’s report suggests that Mr. Capponi may have passed out as a result of three previous brain surgeries he had undergone, which may have put him at risk of losing consciousness unexpectedly.

Surveillance Cameras Capture a Terrifying Crash

According to local news articles describing the incident, the couple was travelling in Mr. Capponi’s speedboat northbound in the Melloy Channel near the U.S. Coast Guard station at the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach at 10:00 a.m. on March 20 of this year to visit a business associate. Surveillance cameras captured the vehicle suddenly turning sharply and crashing into a sea wall without slowing down. Mr. Capponi, who was driving the boat, told investigators that he had no memory of the impact or the crash. Fortunately for the boat’s occupants, the accident occurred near a Coast Guard station, and Coast Guard officials were able to run to the site of the accident and tend to the victims until paramedics arrived.

Legal Liability for Seemingly Unforeseeable Accidents

Generally, people cannot be held accountable in negligence for injuries that are caused by an unforeseeable accident, since there is no duty to account for something that can’t be expected or prevented. In the case of a boating accident such as this, the driver probably did not expect to lose consciousness, but if he knew that his recent brain surgeries presented such a risk, he may have owed passengers a duty not to place them at risk by getting behind the controls with them onboard.

Accident victims can hold a responsible party accountable for their injuries by consulting a Florida accident attorney and filing a Florida personal injury lawsuit to seek damages to compensate them for their loss. Many boat owners have liability insurance to cover the damages from injuries to passengers in the event of a boating accident.

Should You Contact an Attorney?

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