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Nursing Home Neglect Claims in Florida

One might expect that Florida nursing homes recruit some of the best nursing staff available because they care for one of society’s most vulnerable populations. However, given the track record of most Florida nursing homes, that does not seem to be the case. Indeed, it seems as though every few days there is a new report of abuse or neglect at a Florida nursing home.

According to recent estimates by the World Health Organization, nearly two out of three nursing home staff members have reported that they engaged in some type of abuse over the past year. The number of instances involving nursing home neglect is more difficult to determine because residents report such a small percentage of the cases. However, it is estimated that approximately 12% of nursing home residents will suffer from neglect at some point during their stay in a skilled nursing facility.

Of course, Florida nursing homes have a duty to provide a base level of care to their residents. The extent of this duty depends on the individual needs of the resident, but certainly includes assistance with feeding, using the bathroom, taking medications, and following up on developing medical conditions. When staff members neglect to care for a resident, both staff and management may be held liable through a Florida nursing home neglect lawsuit.

Florida Nursing Home Resident Dies After Staff Ignores Serious Infection

Last month, a Florida man died after he developed an infection in his groin that went untreated for almost a week. According to a recent news article, nursing home staff members first noticed that the resident’s groin was infected on February 16. At the time, the resident’s nurse indicated that “you could smell the infection from the door”; however, no action was taken by staff members until February 21. By the time a doctor saw the resident, his infection had progressed into gangrene. As a result, doctors had to amputate the resident’s genitals. The man died shortly afterward.

The Florida Department of Children and Families conducted an investigation into the resident’s death, ultimately concluding that it was the result of “inadequate supervision and neglect.” As it turns out, the nursing home had been cited in the past for failing to maintain adequate staffing levels and failing to perform required assessments on residents.

Is Your Loved One in Danger?

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