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Pedestrian Stuck and Killed By Cab in Miami Hit-and-Run Accident

Earlier last month, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a Yellow Cab in Miami. According to one local news report, the fatal accident occurred early in the morning at around one in the morning near the intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast Fourth Street. After the accident, the cab driver allegedly responsible for the crash fled the scene.

The man who was struck was found dead a few hours later. Surveillance video captured from a nearby camera shows the Yellow Cab striking the pedestrian, who seems to have been jaywalking at the time. There was also a witness who claims to have seen the driver proceed through a green light, strike the pedestrian, and then keep on traveling northbound on Biscayne Boulevard.

Evidently, luggage belonging to the accident victim was found in the street near the accident scene. Police told reporters that, while they will not yet release the name of the deceased, he was in his 60s. Police found the cab that was allegedly involved in the accident about 20 minutes away from where the fatal accident occurred. The man operating the cab, through his attorney, claims that he was not aware that he was involved in an accident until he later learned that police were looking for his cab. Police have not yet filed charges against the cab driver, but that may change as police conclude their investigation.

Hit-and-Run Accidents in South Florida

While the facts as presented above seem to indicate that the pedestrian who was struck and killed by the cab driver was crossing against a red light, that does not absolve the driver for fleeing the scene after the accident. All drivers in Florida (and in most jurisdictions around the country) have a duty to stop and render assistance after any accident that they are involved in. This even includes accidents that are not caused by the driver’s negligence.

Even in situations when a driver is not at fault but then decides to flee the scene, that driver can be cited and fined for their conduct. Additionally, the survivors of the accident victim may have a civil case for damages against the driver based on the violation of the duty to stop and render assistance after an accident.

To be sure, many hit-and-run drivers are ultimately determined to be at fault in the accident. However, accident victims – and their families – should be aware of the laws that may allow them to seek justice for their loss.

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