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South Florida Drunk Driving Accidents

Despite the millions of dollars spent by the federal and state governments on drunk driving prevention programs, as well as the harsh criminal penalties that drunk drivers face when convicted, Florida drunk driving accidents are still commonplace. In fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that there are nearly 800 drunk driving deaths in Florida each year. This represents over a quarter of all traffic fatalities. Sadly, this number represents a 15% increase over previous years.

Drunk drivers place the safety of everyone on the road in jeopardy when they get behind the wheel. In too many cases, South Florida drunk drivers cause otherwise preventable traffic accidents that result in serious injuries or death.

Due to the prevalence of drunk driving and the danger that drunk driving presents, Florida lawmakers have enacted several laws that the victims of a South Florida drunk driving accident can use to seek compensation for their injuries. For example, under Florida law, the fact that a driver was intoxicated at the time of an accident can be evidence of that driver’s negligence in a subsequent South Florida personal injury lawsuit. Additionally, under the state’s Dram Shop Act, some accident victims may be able to hold the establishment that served the drunk driver responsible for their injuries as well as the driver.

Florida DUI Accident Claims Three Lives

Earlier this month, a Florida DUI accident near Tampa claimed the lives of three motorists. According to a recent news report covering the tragic accident, the allegedly drunk driver was driving on the Selmon Expressway when she lost control of her vehicle. The driver’s car veered off the road and into the grass median. This caused another driver on the Expressway to intentionally steer their vehicle into the median to avoid a collision. In doing so, that motorist’s vehicle then entered oncoming traffic and collided with two other vehicles. All of the vehicles burst into flames upon impact. In all, three people lost their lives as a result of the fatal drunk driving accident.

The alleged drunk driver initially tried to leave the scene of the accident, but she was stopped by authorities before she could get too far. The driver’s blood-alcohol content was tested, and the results are still outstanding; however, responding officers told reporters that it seemed as though the woman was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida DUI Accident?

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