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Unexplained South Florida Accidents May Be the Result of Distracted Driving

Tragic accidents occur every day in South Florida, and most often police and investigators work together to determine the cause of the accident. However, sometimes pieces to the puzzle are missing, due to the fact that the parties involved are deceased or otherwise incapacitated. Other times, the true cause of an accident is covered up by the person who caused it in an attempt to shield themselves from liability that may arise in the wake of the accident.

When an accident occurs for unexplained reasons, investigators should look deeper into the at-fault party’s back-story to determine what, if anything, they are hiding. Of course, it will be difficult for a driver to hide their intoxication, since there are normally visible signs that indicate a driver was intoxicated. However, if a driver is texting while driving or talking on their cell phone at the time of the accident, it may be more difficult for police to uncover the true cause of the accident without the at-fault driver’s help.

Contrary to many people’s belief, police do not routinely obtain a driver’s phone records after an accident. Primarily, this is because the laws protecting the privacy of the driver prevent police from going on a “fishing expedition” in the hope of finding something they can use to prosecute the driver. However, the privacy concerns that are in play in a criminal case may not be as strictly enforced in a civil case filed by a victim of the driver’s alleged negligence.

Unexplained South Florida Accident Results in Serious Injury

Earlier last month, a school principal was struck and seriously injured after a driver inexplicably lost control of her SUV and struck the man. According to one local news source covering the incident, the accident occurred just before 6:30 in the evening in Tamiami Park in the area of Southwest 24th Street and 112th Avenue.

The principal was at the park attending his son’s tee-ball game when an SUV came careening through the chain link fence and crashed into the man. There were hundreds of people in the vicinity at the time, including many children under the age of five. Thankfully, no one else was struck by the SUV.

The principal was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center, where he was admitted in critical but stable condition. Police have not yet issued a citation to the driver, but the accident is still under investigation.

Have You Been Involved in a Miami Car Accident?

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